Fried Cabbage With Kielbasa & Onions
  • Kielbasa
  • cabbage
  • onions
  • hot peppers
  • salt, blk. pepper, or white pepper
  1. I slice the Kielbasa, brown on both sides; Take out, and add oil of your choice to your frying pan (sometimes I use peanut oil & my wok.) Cut up cabbage, add to hot oil, stirring often to keep from burning. When almost done, add onions and the kielbasa to the pan.
  2. Cook until onions are transparent. We like ours before to well done (crunchy.)
  3. This is also good to add some hot peppers if you want the heat.
  4. Season as you wish with salt, blk. pepper, or white pepper (which will give it a bite, too.)
We love fried cabbage, and one day for a change I added the onion & Kielbasa. We liked the combination. We have this for a meal with good cornbread.