Fruit Eyeballs
  • Longan Or Lychee
  • Fat Free Plain Yogurt
  • Blueberries
  • Zip Top Quart Plastic Bag
  • Frozen Fruit Juice, Red In Color
  • Strainer
  1. *To give this a thicker, more cream cheese consistency (or you can substitute cream cheese for the yogurt), put the yogurt in a mesh strainer and break it up as you remove it from the container and drain liquid overnight covered in plastic wrap in the refrigerator
  2. *Keep the cheesy yogurt and discard liquidy whey
  3. *Strain and drain the longans...shake around to be sure you remove as much liquid from inside the bowl shaped fruit
  4. *Dump the yogurt in a close-able plastic bag
  5. *Do not overfill as you need room for blueberry; fill fruit with yogurt just before the top of the hole
  6. *Add blueberry to each
  7. *Thaw frozen juice, but do not add water; just before serving, spoon juice over each fruit piece, trying to dribble over the sides - it should go into all the lines of the fruit and give the gross effect you are trying for