Good Gracious Grilled S'mores
  • For each serving you will need:
  • 1 whole graham cracker
  • 1 large marshmallow
  • 1 mini ghirardelli chocolate square or half a hersheys bar
  • tinfoil
  1. Break graham cracker in half. Place chocolate on half of graham cracker and marshmallow on top of chocolate. Top with remaining half of graham cracker. Wrap in foil making sure that ends are closed completely.
  2. After turning grill off, while it is still hot, place tinfoil wrapped smores on rack. Close grill and leave in long enough for chocolate to melt.
  3. I found that the Ghirardelli mini squares were the perfect size and thickness giving you just enough chocolate but not too much. My grill has 2 racks. I placed the s'mores on the higher rack and left them on the grill while we ate, so about 30 minutes and they were perfect.
The first sign of spring always seems to spark my culinary creativity. I suppose this isn't the most original of ideas, but it sure is a delicious one. I've taken an all-American childhood treat and given it a bit of a grown up twist.