Green Dick-a-ritas
  • * 6 oz Minute Maid Limeade
  • * 1/4 cup or sugar
  • * 4-6 shots of premium Tequilla
  • * 1-2 oz Triple Sec
  • * 1 oz. Peach Schnapps
  • * Ice
  • * A couple drops of green food coloring
  • * Green Sugar Rim, I forgot about this until I already drank it (opps).
  1. Blend Minute Maid and liquor until well mixed
  2. Add ice and blend.
Rob and I aren't partial to green beer so we decided to celebrate St. Patrick today with Green Dick-a-Ritas; after all this is a drinking holiday . Rob's Unc Dick came up with the recipe and of course, were named in honor of him. They aren't this green naturally, but we added green food coloring for the holiday. This rita is also great with fresh strawberries, or mangoes added. Originally posted on Sweets and Eats (