Healthy Eating PEARLS of Wisdom by Dr. Patricia Sulak
  • 6 Tips for Healthy Eating
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Living WELL Aware™ (LWA) is a medically accurate wellness educational program founded and directed by Patricia J. Sulak, MD. LWA energizes members to soar to a greater level of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by delivering the best in wellness. In a truly distinctive fashion, LWA delivers revolutionary health information, implementation, and inspiration to move participants on a path of improved quality of life and longevity. Patricia J. Sulak, MD is a nationally recognized award winning speaker, practicing physician and medical school professor, and an internationally renowned researcher. She and her husband Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD and other healthcare speakers present not only the scientific data on health, but share personal stories of their pursuit, struggles, and success in implementing all facets of wellness, providing the impetus to inspire audiences to make necessary changes. LWA is matchless in its program content. The usual wellness program focuses on physical health. LWA takes the concept of wellness to a higher level, adding components addressing emotional, social, and spiritual health. It’s easy to see why participants in a typical wellness program without these elements have difficulties in implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The critical framework of emotional and spiritual health is not adequately addressed. For that reason, LWA includes all aspects of health to include relationships, contribution, time and financial management, forgiveness, purpose, and social connections. While not promoting any specific religion or spiritual philosophy, the importance of connecting with one’s inner self, and for most, a higher power, is included. This holistic approach to wellness is receiving rave reviews from diverse audiences throughout the country.