Home-canned Peaches
  • 6 cups water
  • 4 cups sugar
  • Peaches, peaches, and more peaches (ones that are not overly ripe, a little under-ripe is actually better; but freestone peaches are definitely the most important type to have)
  1. :: Directions for Sugar Water ::
  2. 1. While heating water, add sugar slowly, stirring constantly to dissolve.
  3. 2. Bring to a gentle boil, until sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. 3. Once prepared, keep it hot, but no longer boiling.
  5. :: Skin/peel the Peaches ::
  6. 1. Using a paring knife, score a small "X" in the bottom of the peach.
  7. 2. Place the peach in boiling water for about 60 seconds.
  8. 3. Using a slotted spoon, remove the peach from the boiling water, and place it into a a bowl filled with ice and water.
  9. 4. As soon as the peach is cool enough to handle, use a paring knife to remove the softened skin, or you may even be able to lightly pinch the softened skin and peel it off with your fingers.
  10. :: Process to Can ::
  11. 1. Cut the peeled fruit into halves, quarters, or slices; whichever you prefer.
  12. 2. Pack fruit tightly into sanitized jars.
  13. 3. Cover the packed fruit with the hot syrup, being sure to leave 1/2" head space. The fruit should be completely covered.
  14. 4. Wipe rims & seal the jars finger-tight.
  15. 5. Process the jars by water-bath for 10 minutes.
Here in the Okanagan, we are always inundated with peaches at peach season, so canning them is a wonderful way to save the summer taste of peaches for our chilly winter months. ♥