How to cook mackerel in tomato sauce
  • Cooking Time: 45 minutes
  • Servings: 4
  • Preparation Time: 60 minutes
  • 2 khúc cá thu lớn vừa.
  • 5 quả cà chua vừa chín đến.
  • 1 mớ rau thì là.
  • Gia vị bao gồm mắm, hạt nêm, tiêu, đường, hành tươi, hành khô.
  • 1 ly nước lọc.
  • 1 thìa bột ngô hoặc bột đao.

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How to cook mackerel in tomato sauce This dish of  Mackerel  with tomato sauce, when combined with white rice, will make you "cost" more rice. Ingredients should be prepared To make a delicious dish of mackerel with ketchup, you must prepare carefully the special materials, which are  MARKET , which must be found at reputable stores and brands: 2 medium sized mackerel pieces. 5 ripe tomatoes. 1 bunch of dill. Spices include fish sauce, seasoning seeds, pepper, sugar, fresh onions, and dried onions. 1 glass of filtered water. 1 tbsp cornstarch or cornstarch. Onion and garlic ingredients are prepared to make mackerel with tomato sauce Example: Preliminary processing of fish After picking the mackerel, you wash it and drain it. Then, you marinate the fish with a bit of soup powder and pepper so that they absorb evenly and help the fish have a richer taste. The best way to cook mackerel with tomato sauce is when the fish is fried golden on both sides and has an even color. So, you put the fish in the hot oil pan and fry the fish until golden brown, then take out a separate plate.