Ice Pops - Sugar Free & No Calorie' S
  • fruit from your trees or buy some fruit
  • water
  • splenda
  • unsweetened Kool-Aid
  • Tupperware ice pop Molds or see option below
  1. I take fruit teas, steep in hot water and add Splenda, make it stronger and sweeter than usual, freezing takes away from the flavor. When it cools just pour in molds and freeze.
  2. Or I use unsweetened Kool-Aid, use less water and Splenda. I use sugar free Kool-Aid to make Jello also.
  3. Note: Tupperware still sells the molds, I checked they are $19. so I would check out stores like Walmart, Walgreen's or the 99 Cent stores.
  4. If you can't get them, take a paper cup and use an ice-cream stick, you can get the sticks at any craft store.
  5. Freeze peel and enjoy
It was summer and I wanted something cold, sweet, low calorie and sugar free. So I started to think about something I got from Tupperware a long time ago. Ice pop molds. So here's my version.