Instant Vegetable Soup Puree
  • Servings: 2
  • 1 can of organic vegetable soup
  • Plain organic Greek yogurt
  • Garnish
  1. Pour contents of can into blender and puree. Heat pureed soup and pour into serving bowls. Add dollop of plain yogurt and garnish to taste.
What is Organic? Most people have heard by now that organic food is healthier, but what exactly does that word "organic" mean on our food labels? It's the term used to describe raw or processed agricultural products and ingredients that have been organically grown and handled in compliance with the USDA national standards of April, 2001. These standards prohibit the use of:

 • Most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides • Genetic engineering • Sewer sludge fertilizers • Growth hormones • Antibiotics • Irradiation • Artificial ingredients So, when you see the word "organic" on your food label, you can be sure that they meet these strict standards established in 2001 for organic foods.