Italian Beef Hoagies
  • *1 boneless sirloin tip roast (~4lbs), halved - normally I just plop the entire thing in the crock pot cause it's frozen & all all other ingredients
  • *2 envelopes Italian salad dressing mix - I use 3 of the Zesty Italian envelopes
  • *2 cups water
  • *1 jar (16oz) mild pepper rings, undrained. You can use hot is you want it more spicy - we don't normally add all the juice, DH doesn't like it much
  • *1 onion, sliced & lightly coated with oil
  • *Hoagie buns/Italian bagettes slice 1/2-way through
  1. Place roast in a slow cooker; add water & dry Italian dressing.
  2. Cover & cook on low for 8hrs OR on high for 5-6hrs, basically you want the meat to be tender and falling apart.
  3. Place sliced onion rings, separated from each other, on to a cookie sheet & roast/broil until tender or slightly crispy.
  4. If you don't want to lightly drizzle EVOO onto them, you can lightly srapy them with PAM cooking spray.
  5. Shred meat with fork, add pepper rings, add onions & heat through for another hour.
  6. Ready to serve!!
  8. - I like to warm up velvetta cheese w/ a can of Rotel in my small crock & spoon the goodness on top of my sandwich.
  9. - You can also use shredded mozzarella cheese, but the velvetta reminds me of a Philly Cheesecake sandwich (even though i've never had one).
I got this recipe from another knottie on the DFW Knot Board. It's a real crowd pleaser for Super Bowl or just when you have lots of peeps over at the house.