Jack Daniel's Hamburgers
  • 5 pounds ground beef
  • A few dashes of kosher salt
  • A little ground pepper
  • 1 bottle of Jack Daniel's Sour Mash
  1. Take a flat glass pan...really needs to be glass. The Jack Daniel's will eat through the metal ones. Plop in the meat in the dish. Add the salt and peeper. Mix well with your hands and mush it flat when done mixing. Pour the bottle of Jack over the top of the meat. Cover with plastic wrap. Put in the fridge over night.
  2. The next day form into patties and grill.
We made these for my Girlfriends Baby Shower. I was the grillor...and I got drunk from the fumes that were in the smoke...so Grill cautiously please. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember: Amateurs...built the ark. Professionals...built the Titanic. Who knew?