Killer Cake
  •  Box of chocolate cake mix
  •  ½ cup oil
  •  2 cups very strong coffee
  •  3 eggs
  •  Box of instant chocolate pudding
  •  ½ cup of chocolate chips
  •  Mocha mousse or flavor milk with coffee
  •  Whip Cream
  •  ½ cup skor bits
  1. Combine cake mix, oil, 1 ¾ cup coffee, eggs and pudding powder. Beat until smooth. Stir in chocolate chips. Pour into greased cake pan or pans and bake according to cake box instructions. Let cake cool. When cooled cut into little cubes and place in big bowl. Prepare mousse and whip cream. Top cake pieces with mousse and then some skor bits. Then the whip cream and the remainder of the skor bits.
This is a family favorite fake-bake-out. My boyfriend even requested it on his birthday rather then an ice-cream cake. The best part is although it is filled with lots of sugar, it is pretty low in fat. To make it healthier: -use olive oil -use boxed egg replacement, half whites, half normal -skip the chocolate chips -use light mousse with skim milk -use light whip cream -you can also top with strawberry's or other fruit instead of skor pieces