• 2 - Pie Crusts - baked, shortbread, graham cracker, etc.
  • 1 - 14 ounce can evaporated milk, refrigerated a few hours
  • 1 - 12 ounce can lemonade, semi-frozen
  • Whipped cream OR whipped topping, if desired
  1. Whip refrigerated evaporated milk until light and fluffy (like whipped cream).
  2. Gradually add lemonade, while mixing at high speed.
  3. Quickly spoon into pie and tart shells.
  4. Freeze for a few hours, or until firm
  5. Serve with whipped topping if desired.
  6. NOTE: Probably would be great even without the pie shells, and frozen in a bowl. Serve like ice cream or sherbet.
Have you ever had an accident turn into a hit? My children want NO changes. This will make 2 pies OR 1 pie and 6 graham cracker tart shells. I added NO extra sugar, so it is tart. (I was supposed to stir the lemonade and evaporated milk together. Then, fold in the whipped topping.)