La Tire (French Canadian Pulled Taffy)
  • Cooking Time: up to 5
  • Servings: As many as you like!
  • Preparation Time: 5
  1. Weather permitting, you pack snow into a container (traditionally in a wood box in Québec) and you keep it outside in the cold.
  2. Bring 100% PURE Maple Syrup to the "ball point" using a whisk in a stirring motion only to prevent sticking.
  3. Ladel long lines of the syrup over the snow in your container.
  4. Using a popsicle stick (or a spoon) start at one end of the line and turn the syrup around it and enjoy!
  5. If snow is not available, you can use the same concept but pour the hot syrup onto a buttered baking dish.
Hello, I was a first time visitor to this website when I fell upon a recipe for La Tire. I had the opportunity to live in Québec for 17 years and enjoyed this tasty treat at my chalet where our family had a small sugar shack and we enjoyed making our own maple syrup and La Tire. To have an authentic version of this recipe I would suggest the following: