Lentil Pancakes
  • 1 C mixed lentils (red, brown, green, yellow)
  • 2 C brown rice
  • 1/2 t salt
  1. The night before, wash and rinse the lentils thoroughly. When the rinse water runs clear, soak the lentils and rice together in a bowl with fresh water overnight. The next day, drain and process into a semi-coarse paste in a blender adding water as needed.
  2. Put the batter into a bowl, add salt, cover and let sit a few hours. This can be blended in the morning and will be ready to cook for dinner. For a sourdough flavor, let it ferment overnight.
  3. Drop a ladleful of the batter in the center of a non-stick pan that is hot enough to make a drop of water dance. Push down in the center with a large spoon to make a thin, round pancake. When the top looks dry, wait 20-40 seconds more, turn and cook the other side. The batter can be refrigerated for about a week.
I got this recipe from my inlaws. It is perfect for anyone that likes lentils or who wants to do something different fro breakfast.