Mary's 24 Hour Pineapple Salad
  • Cooking Time: 15 minutes
  • Servings: 8 servings
  • Preparation Time: 26 hours
  • 20 ounce can Pineapple chunks, drained (save juice)
  • 1 can Royal Anne Cherries, pitted and drained
  • 2 Naval oranges, peeled and cut in chunks
  • 2 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice or vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp pineapple juice
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • dash salt
  • 1 cup whipping cream, whipped
  • Maraschino cherries for garnish
  1. Drain fruits and toss together with marshmallows
  2. In a small saucepan beat eggs and add sugar, lemon juice, pineapple juice, butter and salt.
  3. Cook over low heat stirring constantly with whisk until just boiling.
  4. Remove from heat and cool.
  5. Whip cream in a separate bowl and fold into cooled sauce.
  6. Carefully fold cream mixture into fruit
  7. Place in bowl, cover and chill for 24 hours.
  8. Garnish with Maraschino cherries.
The original recipe was noted by Grandma to be "good" and was one that she had received from her sister Marie and friend May