Nicole and Jarrett's Midnight Sneak Out And Rent A Movie Hot and Spicy Chips
  • Doritos
  • Lemon
  • Tapatio Hot Sauce
  • Little Brother
  1. First you have to make sure your parents are asleep, then you grab your little brother and sneak out of the house with your shoes off (shoes make noise on the hardwood floors).
  2. Then you head to blockbuster and use part of your money to rent a really cool action movie (preferably one with Jet Li in it).
  3. With the rest of your money, you go to Rite Aid, buy Doritos Extra Cheesy Chips (you should have the Lemon and the Tapatio sauce at home in the fridge), and get some thrifty's ice cream if it's open, that is the worlds best ice cream!
  4. Then you go home, sneak back in the house, get a large plate and all the ingredients listed above, and pour a lot of chips on the plate.
  5. Take the lemon and squeeze A LOT of it over the chips, there should not be a chip that is not drenched in Lemon.
  6. Then take the Tapatio Hot Sauce (it has to be Tapatio bc other hot sauces are for weak girly-men) and pour it all over the chips. Don't drench them in hot sauce but every chip should have a few lines of hot sauce on it.
  7. Shut the door, shut the hell up and watch the action movie
Word of Advice, you should probably already be in your pajamas just in case your parents come in so that you can pretend you are asleep.