Orange Jello Mold
  • Jello Mold
  • 2 Packages orange jello
  • 1 14oz can Mandarin Oranges drained
  • 1 14oz can Pineapple slices drained
  • Topping
  • 1 package vanilla jello
  • 1 container cool whip, use 3/4 container
  1. Prepare pudding as you would and let set. Make jello and place oranges into the jello and the pineapple rings on
  2. top. I usually use a glass lasagna pan so that I can fit 4-6 slices of pineapple. Refridgerate.
  3. Mix finished pudding with cool whip and place back into fridge. Once jello is set you can top it with the
  4. pudding mixture. Enjoy!
Whenever I make this there's never leftovers!