Panko fried portabella mushrooms
  • Cooking Time: 30
  • Servings: 4-6
  • Preparation Time: 20
  • 1 lb Portabello mushrooms, gills and stems removed
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 T milk
  • 2 c panko
  • 1t garlic salt
  • 1t pepper
  • canola oil for frying
  1. slice portabellas in ½” strips
  2. beat eggs and milk together
  3. dip mushrooms in egg mixture, coating completely
  4. mix panko with garlic salt and pepper
  5. cover mushrooms with panko mixture, making sure they are totally covered
  6. depending on my mood, I will sometimes do another egg and panko dip to get them really crunchy
  7. heat oil to 350 degrees
  8. fry mushrooms in batches, making sure not to overcrowd or oil temp will drop
  9. fry until golden brown
I came up with this when my mom got given a bunch of mushrooms that she didn't know what to do with. You can actually reheat leftovers in the toaster over and they stay crunchy!