Perfect Cocktail Formula
  • 1 part hard alcohol (e.g. vodka, rum, tequilla, gin, bourbon, whiskey)
  • 1 part soft alcohol (e.g. triple sec, grand marnier, sour pucker, amaretto, curacou, schnapps)
  • 1 part non alcohol (e.g. sodas, sweet and sour, fruit juices, water, colins mix)
  1. Shake in cocktail shaker, or pour over ice.
  2. Making it for 1? Use 1 shot per part. Making it for a group? Use 1 cup per part. Making it for a party? Use 1 bottle per part.
  3. Too strong? Top off each glass with soda water to lighten the buzz.
Feeling experimental? Want to feel like a mix master general? Here is the perfect ratio for making any cocktail