Pork Chops with Onion Compote
  • 5 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 small onions, cut into 1/4-inch thick slices
  • 4 bone-in pork chops (1-inch thick, about 9 oz. each)
  • Coarse salt and fresh black pepper
  • 1/4 cup dry white wine
  • 1 lemon, cut into wedges
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Heat 3 Tbsp. oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  3. Add the onions and cook until golden brown, about 25 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, season chops generously with salt and pepper.
  5. Heat remaining 2 Tbsp. oil in a large skillet over med-high heat.
  6. Sear chops until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side.
  7. Transfer skillet to oven and cook until done. Transfer to serving plate and let stand 10 min.
  8. Add wine to onions and simmer until almost all the liquid has evaporated, about 3 min.
  9. Season with salt and pepper and spoon over pork chops.
  10. Serve with lemon wedges.
Here's a simple and quite tasty pork chop dish. It's taken from the April, 2008 edition of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. We enjoyed this very much and the squeezed lemon gave it such a nice flavor.