Rachael Ray's BLT Smashed Potatoes
  • 2 1/2lbs small red skin new potatoes
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 4 slices thick cut smoky bacon, chopped, such as applewood smoked bacon
  • 1 leek trimmed of tough tops
  • 1 vine ripe tomato, seeded and chopped
  • Drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO!)
  1. Cut larger potatoes in half, leave very small potatoes whole. Place potatoes in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook potatoes 12 to 15 minutes until tender.
  2. Cut leek in half lengthwise. Chop into 1/2-inch pieces. Place leeks in big bowl of water and release all the dirt from them with a good swish, separating all the layers. Drain leeks in a colander.
  3. Put a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil into a hot nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Cook bacon 3 to 5 minutes until it begins to crisp and has rendered most of its fat. Add leeks to the skillet and cook 3 to 5 minutes more until the leeks are tender.
  4. Drain the potatoes and return them to the hot pot. Smash the potatoes with the chicken stock. Add the BLT: bacon, leeks and tomatoes to the potatoes and continue to smash. Season the potatoes with salt and pepper to your taste.
As Rachael would say "Yum-O"