Refried Beans
  • Cooking Time: 3hrs
  • Preparation Time: 1 day
  • 1-2c dried Beans- preferably majority PINTOS, but I also tossed in a pinch of Reds, Navies, Blacks and Kidneys
  • Water- to soak beans overnight
  • Utensil - either an old-fashioned Potato Ricer or an Immersion Blender
  • 1-3cans Vegetable Broth
  • add'l Water, as needed
  • (Kosher) Salt & Pepper
  • 1can diced Tomatoes w/Green Chilis
  • Chili Powder
  • Onion Powder or Minced Onion
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Hot Sauce
  • Crushed Garlic
  1. * Soak beans overnight, adding water as needed so that they remain covered at all times w/water as they plump.
  2. * Rinse beans in cold water; add to large Dutch oven or other cooking pot.
  3. * Add broth, as much as you wish or have on-hand, to cover beans, adding water if need be; add generous pinch or 2 of salt and bring to a rolling boil.
  4. * Boil for 1hr, stirring frequently and adding liquid as needed to keep beans from burning but be careful to not make TOO SOUPY.
  5. * Towards the end of the hour as beans begin to tender, begin scraping and mashing w/ricer (or immersion blender if you have one- I don't, but I have before- gave it to my kid to make smoothies when she moved out)
  6. * At this point, beans should be beginning to thicken; reduce heat, add tomatoes and season to your liking w/garlic and onion and hot stuff; add more liquid if TOO thick as beans are not yet tender/pasty enough.
  7. * Cover and simmer on very low heat, mashing (or blending) continuously for another hour +/- (will depend on how much beans you decided to start out with).
  8. * Beans are done when they are all very tender and mashed up to a nice, pasty consistency; don't worry about some kidneys and blacks sneaking thru unscathed- they make for a nice texture/color contrast- the pintos and reds will mash down nicely.
  9. * Serve over rice of your choice, maybe with a nice piece of grilled Chorizo (but then it's not vegetarian anymore)!
Honestly, I don't know why making beans this way is called refried, as I don't fry them the first time, let alone re-frying them. So maybe they're not REAL Refried Beans? I dunno- I just like them this way!