Rita se Pampoendol
  • 3 cups cooked pumpkin
  • 175 gram butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 200 gram sugar
  • 250 gram self-raising flour
  • Sauce:
  • 60 ml sugar
  • 75 ml butter
  • 125 ml cream or evaporated milk
  1. Mix and bake till done. [I would say about 30-40 minutes in a well-greased ovenproof dish at 350 degrees Fahrenheit; it should be barely done.
  2. Sauce:
  3. Boil together; pour over baked pudding and go on baking till it is caramelized.
  4. [This is a rather complicated instruction, because it should not really "caramelize" to the extent of dark brown toffee, just become a nice rich golden brown on top and on the sides - I usually push the heat up a few degrees and bake it for another 15 - 20 minutes - T]
Cape Malay "pampoendol" (pronounced pumpoondoll) is a delicious pumpkin pudding that can also be served as a sweet side dish for an autumn meal. Originally simply mashed pumpkin almost boiled to jam with a lot of sugar, it has developed in various ways to pumpkin pieces baked in the oven with bread cubes, sugar and spices or this baked pumpkin caramel pudding. I give it as it was given to me by Rita, a friendly lady cooking for a local old age home. It is usually dusted with some finely ground cinnamon, but I prefer it plain, buttery and rich.