Schabziger Cheese Spread/Dip
  • Butter
  • Cream Cheese
  • Sap Sago cheese
  1. Mix together equal amounts of butter and cream cheese.
  2. Grate Sap Sago cheese in for flavoring, to taste.
This recipe calls for a specific type of Swiss-made cheese called Schabziger or, as American speakers call it, Sap Sago. This recipe came with my 4oz. of Schabziger cheese that I bought in New Glarus, Wisconsin. Schabziger, or Sap Sago is only made in Glarus Canton, Switzerland, except that the town of New Glarus, which was settled by 108 immigrants from that canton, also makes it. It is very pungent, and should be used sparingly. However, my first attempt at using it was in a green salad, and I was too sparing. I didn't even taste it. When I made this spread and spread it on toast, I grated a bit more liberally, and, YUM! It's a great spread. (A grate spread? ack. stop me, now) May be used as a dip with vegetables. Or spread on toast, bagels or tea sandwiches. Or use to stuff dates. Fruit or vegetables make a nice garnish with dip. Also grate on warm buttered noodles, soup, salad or stew.