Sesame Baked Mushrooms
  • Servings: 25
  • 1 pound of Medium to Large Mushrooms
  • 1 egg( did not use)
  • 3/4 tsp salt (did not use)
  • 1/8 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 cup sesame seeds or 1/4 cup of sesame seeds and 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs( used Italian)
  1. Heat the oven to 350. Rinse, and pat dry and trim the stems of the mushrooms( Halve if large) I halved all of mine. Lightly beat the egg with the salt and pepper.
  2. Combine the sesame seeds and bread crumbs. Place in a dish. Pierce the mushrooms with a fork and dip into the egg mixture, then into the sesame seed mixture.
  3. Place on a lightly greased jellyroll pan and bake until golden about 15-20 minutes.
  4. I dipped the mushrooms into some light soy sauce in place of the egg. Be careful when using the fork, as I split a couple in half.
  5. Some suggestions, you could use Italian Salad dressing in place of the egg or Balsamic Salad dressing. In place of the bread crumbs you could process some stove top stuffing mix and use that. Going to try that combo next
Looked at that recipe and just knew I could throw a few of these together in no time~~ No fuss, no mess, just a great little treat with just the right amount of crunch, love that sesame flavor that comes through too~ You could have some serious fun with this recipe. I'll post some suggestions, Or bake as is you are in for a treat~