Shamrock Shake
  • Servings: 1
  • * 3 Cups vanilla ice cream
  • * 1 ¼ Cups milk
  • * ¼ Teaspoon mint extract
  • * Green food color
  1. Take a blender and begin mixing the vanilla ice cream and the milk together. Once it’s thoroughly blended add the mint extract and a several drops of green food color. Blend again and then serve.
  2. If you want to skip the green food coloring you can but what is a St. Patrick’s Day drink without a little green.
  3. Feel free to experiment with this recipe and replace the mint extract with other extract flavors and come up with your own delicious shakes.
Every year around March a taste treat enters town and people flock to get one before they’re gone. Yes, I’m talking about the famed McDonald’s shamrock shake. Well the recipe below lets your create your own shamrock or mint shake at home that you can enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day or any other time of the year.