Speedy creamy smoothie drizzle
  • Preparation Time: 5
  • Del Monte raspberry smoothie ice lolly (or mango depending what u favor, or whatever smoothie lolly you have at the time)
  • half a small can of nestle condensed milk
  2. bowl
  3. knife
  4. small spoon for mixing
  5. HOW:
  6. You use the knife to cut the smoothie lolly off the stick into the bowl.
  7. once done, add the condensed milk gradually mushing the smothie and mixing it together, the colour should lighten.
  8. it should take around half the can depending how big the lolly is.
  10. For a drizzle or dip for your dessert, put in the fridge until you need it.
  11. For an ice cream or thicker texture, put in the freezer until needed or until set about 20 minutes should do the trick as it should still be cold by the time you've finished mixing it.
  12. This is amazingly quick if you need to make your fruit salads more interesting, or as a chilled fondue, or even as a an after...go on indulge in scummy and some what healthier sweetness!
This has to be the easiest thing to make ever and was really random and there isn't any specialist ingredients and this would go amazingly hand in hand with my "improved" flour less brownie recipe...i know...I've tried it. PREP TIME: 5 Minutes COOKING TIME: what cooking? EFFORT FACTOR: 1/10 CLEAN UP AFTER FACTOR: 2/10 SCRUMPTIOUS FACTOR: 8/10..it's quite rich..