Sprouted Mung Beans- the Camping Veggie!
  • Preparation Time: 1
  • Dried Mung Beans (found in the Indian/oriental section of grocery stores)
  • Magic Bullet container
  1. Pour generous amount of mung beans (begin with 1/4c and adjust to how much you eat) in a magic bullet container, glass jar, thermos or Tupperware filled with water. Let soak over night in warm place. No need to place lid on.
  2. Drain. rinse. Can be eaten that morning, or watered (1-2tbsp is plenty) once or twice a day. You will notice them sprouting by the end of the day. Continue to water so they don't dry out. Keep in a warm place (I store on top of fridge) until your sprouts reach their desired "Sprouting length". Then place in fridge covered.
  3. They easily keep for 1 week, but make sure you rinse them every other day so that they don't grow bacteria.
I first discovered sprouted mung beans when I was on my Yoga Teacher Training course. We would be given these tasty little things at every meal. They're a great source of protein, and packed with antioxidants and fibre. Other than sprinkling them on every salad, soup and curry we had, my yoga teacher told me she never went camping without them. Bingo! I gave them a try and they passed with flying colors.