Stop and Smell The Roses
  • Cooking Time: 10 minutes
  • Servings: 6
  • Preparation Time: 5 minutes
  • 1 part Vodka (I suggest Veev, an Acai infused Vodka)
  • 1 part Pomegranate Juice
  • Splash Soda Water
  • Splash Rose’s Lime Juice
  • Rose Syrup (Can find in the International section of the grocery aisle near all the Mediterranean Food or in a Mediterranean/Lebanese market)
  • Sugar Rim
  • Candied Rose Petals
  • 6 rose petals
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/4 Cup granulated sugar
  1. Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake until chilled.
  3. Pour into sugar rimmed Martini glass.
  4. Garnish with sugared rose petal
  5. Candied rose petals:
  6. Heat your oven to 200 degrees F.
  7. Brush petals in egg whites, remove excess white and dredge in granulated sugar.
  8. Place petals on a sheet tray and insert into the oven.
  9. Turn the oven off and allow them to crisp but not color.
It's not my thing to wait for a guy to bring me roses especially when I can do so many yummy things with them. (The garnish is a recipe from Johnny Iuzinni)