Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Bell Peppers
  • Favorite rice or cauliflower rice recipe with Louisiana hot sauce
  • Meat your choice of already cooked(ground beef, chicken, sausage (whatever variation you like)or other meat by choice) Note: chicken is better added on top when the product is done. Chicken tends to get tough and dry when it is cooked too long.
  • Another variation for this is adding cooked mushrooms and roast beef for a Philly steak taste
  • -Top with favorite cheese
  1. -Steam or boil the bell pepper prior to adding the stuffing.
  2. -Add rice recipe with meat that is already cooked
  3. -Top with favorite cheese
  4. Combinations: Mexican-ground beef with Mexican spices added to a Spanish rice cooked with Louisiana hot sauce and then topped with favorite cheese.
  5. Louisiana style-favoirite sausage cooked with yellow rice or jambalaya and Louisiana hot sauce and then topped with favorite cheese.
  6. Philly cheese steak-sauted mushrooms with roast beef and then topped with munster or provolone.
  7. The oven can be put on broil for the time in the oven since the only thing need to be done is melt the cheese.
Variations of different stuffed bell peppers.