The Greatest Party Punch Ever
  • cranberry juice
  • pineapple juice
  • 7up
  • rasberry vodka.
  1. Pour Cranberry in glass, pitcher or bowl about a third of the way up.
  2. Continue with 1/3rd of pinapple juice.
  3. Just before serving (you want to keep the bubbles) pour in 1/3 7up or sprite or any carbinated soda that's lemon-lime flavored.
  4. Depending on what size glass, pitcher, bowl you have, pour enough vodka to give you a little buzz. FOr a punch bowl a half a bottle is good. This is when the fun starts... you can taste it to make sure it's ok.
My mother always says, everything you need you already have. The same holds true for Punch. What? you may be asking. Yes, punch. Go into your kitchen and open your fridge. Actually, visualize your fridge (so you don't have to sign off of BakeSpace). What do you have in the fridge? I have cranberry juice, pineapple juice, 7up and rasberry vodka. Perfect. FYI - No measureing cup needed... go by color. It's good to place juices in fridge to get cold so they will act as a chiller. Now the drink is very sweet and very tasty so don't be fooled if you cannot taste the vodka. It's in there and you'll be feeling it after the second drink. I have a regular poker game with some girlfriends and every time I make this recipe they all say they get buzzed from it. I like to top off the punch with frozen berries (will act as ice cubes) and slices of oranges. Next time I make it, I'll make sure I take a photo and updae the recipe. Everyone loves this punch!!! The punch is cheap, easy to serve and makes a lasting impression. Plus, it's very good!