Toasted Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Servings: 24
  • 4 Tablespoons softened butter, divided
  • 2 Cups shredded coconut, sweetened
  • 8 oz softenend cream cheese
  • 3 Cups powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 teaspoons milk
  1. Melt 2 Tablespoons butter in a large skillet.
  2. Add coconut and stir and cook until browned, about 5 minutes.
  3. Transfer to a paper towel lined plate and let cool and crisp up.
  4. Place cream cheese and remaining 2 Tablespoons butter in a large bowl. Whisk until smooth and creamy; slowly add in powdered sugar, vanilla and milk until smooth.
  5. Stir in 1 1/2 Cups toasted coconut into frosting.
  6. Frost cupcakes and sprinkle remaining toasted coconut over tops of frosted cupcakes.