Toblerone Ice Cream
  • 6 eggs (or if you prefer only the egg yolks)
  • 1 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence /(or if you like, 2 to 3 tbsp of Bayleis Irish Cream instead of the vanilla)
  • 100 to 150g Toblerone Chocolate (the yellow original type)
  • 500ml whipping cream
  1. Chop the Chocolate into small bits. Whip the Cream, when using Ice Cream maker, do not whip the cream too much. But when not using an Ice Cream maker, whip the cream stiff.
  2. Now beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla.
  3. Combine all ingredients and either set in a bowl and freeze. Or, use the Ice Cream Maker.
  4. Unfortunately my Ice Cream Maker only fits half of the recipie at a time. I divided it then, and the first bit came out so creamy and tasty. The other one divided itself as it waitet too long and the second time I was too eager to freeze the next bit that I didn´t wait long enough for the Ice Cream Maker bowl to freeze so the second portion didn´t freeze in the Ice Cream maker.
  5. I had to put it in a bowl and freeze and then it divided it self. I think next time I will just make half of the recipie first and the second when the Ice Cream Maker is ready to freeze the next part.
  6. Anyway it tasted delicious, divided or not. :) And for the feastive touch, I decoraded each glass with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh blueberries and some grated dark chocolate. (See Photo)
  7. With the recipie came a Mars sauce that I will add separetly. I did not use it now, but if you like it really sweet or with any other Ice Cream it´s really delicious!
This Ice Cream has been our favourite for a long time. Many years ago when I was just a kid, there was this contest on radio. And this Ice Cream won! Ever since then this has been a must in our Holiday Dessert variety. It´s sweet, tasty and refreshing after a heavy Holiday Meal :) Now I made it for the first time using the help of an Ice Cream maker and it tastes so much better, and it did taste delicious before!! :) Hope you will enjoy.