Vampire Cupcakes
  • Your favourite white cake batter - a recipe for one of my old standbys is provided below.
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Chocolate and Vanilla frostings - I made a LOT of food for my party, so to save time I cheated and used cans of storebought frosting. However, a homemade buttercream frosting would be delicious for this.
  • Red and Black or Chocolate sprinkles
  1. Get your cupcake pans ready, and fill each cupcake about halfway full with batter. Spoon in some of the jam, then fill the remainder of the cupcake with the rest of the batter. After baking, frost the top half of the cupcake with chocolate for hair, and the rest with vanilla frosting, to make the face. Dip a knife in the chocolate frosting and run it across the vanilla to make a smile. Then add sprinkles to create eyes and fangs. Your guests will discover the suprise "Blood" filling when they bite into it!
These are some fun cupcakes that I made for my Halloween party last year.