forget the barbeque ribs
  • baby back ribs-one slab per person-cut in half
  • rib rub(I like"Bone Suckin" brand)
  • bbq sauce of your choice
  1. 1 Day before-rub each piece with rib rub(I like"Bone Suckin" brand) and wrap individually in heavy foil. Refrigerate overnight
  2. Cover baking sheet with layer of heavy foil and lay ribs in foil in a single layer (use 2 pans if necessary) Bake in a 350 oven turning with tongs every 15-20 minutes until they are flexible- Fat will run out and make the house smell really good...
  3. immediately remove from foil and lay on a new sheet of foil on the cookie sheet
  4. Brush each side with bbq sauce of your choice-refrigerate for awhile or go to next step if close to party time
  5. bake tightly covered for 1 hour(meaty side up so they won't stick)
  6. right before serving broil meaty side up untilbubbly but not burned!
  7. serve with a variety of sauces and napkins- these are fall off the bone style
I have tried many methods and found that the ribs cook perfectly every time this way in all kinds of weather and the sauce doesn't burn while I am answering the door! My grandsons say they are the best in the world(their world anyway)