german noodles with kielbasa
  • Cooking Time: about 20
  • Servings: 4 people
  • Preparation Time: 3 minutes
  • a package of kielbasa
  • 1 onion [brown]
  • 1 regular sized can of mushrooms or you can use fresh ones...
  • 1 bag of egg noodles
  • a jar or bag of saurkraut
  1. cook the noodles
  2. chop the onion
  3. dice the kielbasa
  4. fry the kielbasa onion and mushrooms till they are just about done then you
  5. drain the saurkraut and add to the frying pan fry it for about 5-7 minutes
  6. when done mix in the noodles and serve
my aunt makes this and it's the best ever