layered mexican dip - my cousin jeff's favorite
  • Cooking Time: 6
  • Servings: 5-7
  • Preparation Time: 10
  • 1 8oz cream cheese block
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 12 oz jar salsa - I like the one with the black bean and corn in it - but it's totally your choice
  • 1 cup finely shredded mexican blend cheese
  1. In medium/small oval casserole dish, put cream cheese block and microwave on medium for about 2 minutes - you want it to be spreadable to make an even layer on bottom of dish
  2. Dice avocado into 1/4" pieces, and create even layer
  3. Pour salsa over avocado in even layer
  4. Sprinkle cheese over top
  5. I like to stick in the broiler for a couple of minutes just to take the chill off the cheese, but it is also great served just as is.
  6. You need a sturdy chip with this, or there will be breakage :)
I know there are about a million different versions of this layered dip out there, but this one I think is a little different because it doesn't have the "normal" mexican dip ingredients in it