smores pie
  • Cooking Time: about 10
  • Servings: about6-12
  • Preparation Time: about 15-25
  • graham cracker pie crust
  • melting chocolate(fill about 1/4th the pie crust)
  • marshmellows(1 bag)
  • pudding
  • graham crachers
  • mini marshmellows(1 bag)
  1. melt chocolate,and marshmellows
  2. mix the chocolate and marshmellows after completely melted, mix in pudding
  3. pour mix in bottom the of the pie crust
  4. let cool at room temprature(dont let the chocolate harden if possible)
  5. top with crushed graham crackers and mini marshmellows
  6. enjoy :)
i was at the grocery store and i thought this up, sounds pretty tasty, it is to!