swiss asparagus cassarole
  • 1 bunch fresh asparagus
  • * 1 can campbells chunky (cheddar chicken broccoli with potato)
  • * 6 slices white bread
  • * 9 large eggs
  • * 1/3 cup parmasean cheese
  • * 6 slices 2% swiss (kraft)
  • * 1 bag frozen mixed veggies (i used stir fry *broccoli, snow peas, carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts-i removed those-*)
  • * 2 cups italian sausage (you can use cubed ham, chopped bacon, soy crumbles, no meat, more chicken, etc.)
  • * butter
  • * ritz (optional)
  1. preheat oven to 375f
  2. 2. (do not cut asparagus, just snap off hard bottoms before cooking)
  3. 3. lightly boil asparagus for 8 mins
  4. 4. beat the eggs and parmesan cheese together (set aside)
  5. 1. butter one side of 3 slices of bread
  6. 2. place them butter side UP, in a 11"7' *retangular* cassarole dish (i had to cut one slice of bread to make them fit)
  7. 3. pour half the can of soup on top of bread
  8. 4. top with half the bag of veggies (i didn't cook the veggies i used them partially thawed)
  9. 5. top with 1 cup sausage
  10. 6. layer half the asparagus across and top with 3 slices of swiss cheese
  11. 7. pour just enough of the egg mixture over the swiss cheese to coat
  12. 8. *repeat* (you may have to push down a little with a fork so second layer will fit)
  13. 9. butter one side of 3 slices of bread
  14. 10. pour rest of soup on top of bread
  15. 11. top with remaining bag of veggies
  16. 12. top with 1 cup sausage
  17. 13. layer the asparagus across and top with 3 slices of swiss cheese
  18. 14. pour remaining egg mixture over entire dish slowly *so does not splash over sides*
  19. 15. sprinkle whole dish with parmesan cheese
  20. 16. cover with foil and bake for 15 mins then remove foil
  21. 17. cook for 15 more mins at 375f
  22. 18. cook for 10 mins at 425f
  23. 19. garnish with some coarsly broken ritz on top for a nice little crunch when you eat
i had 2 fresh bunches of asparagus i wanted to do something special with. besides the typical sautee i usually do. one thing i love to do is make concoctions and wish for the best. this didn't last more then 1 day. between, me, my mother and sister no one else knew it existed.