"Mexican" Rice
  • Cooking Time: 70 min. (approx.)
  • Servings: varies
  • Preparation Time: 5-10 min.
  • Onion - Medium sized
  • Garlic - about 3-4 cloves, minced
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Rice (any quantity - you decide how much you want to make)
  • Canned Tomatoes (small or large depending on the amount of rice)
  • Water
  • Cilantro or Flat Leaf Parsley - chopped
  1. Coat the bottom of a large pot or sauce pan with olive oil.
  2. Set the burner on medium-low.
  3. Chop the onion and mince the garlic as the oil is heating up.
  4. Dump the onions into the pan and sweat them until translucent but not browned.
  5. Add the garlic, some salt, pepper and crushed red pepper and stir.
  6. Cook until slightly brown. Add the rice and stir.
  7. "Fry" the rice for a few minutes, until slightly browned. When the rice takes on color, add the entire can of tomatoes - including the liquid. Crush the tomato chunks with a spoon. Make sure the rice is covered in the liquid - if not, add water as needed.
  8. Place the lid on and increase temperature to medium-high. Leave alone for 30 min.
  9. Check the rice and give it a good stir after the 30 min. are up. If the rice needs more liquid, add water. Replace lid and leave for another 30 min.
  10. Check the rice again. This time you want to taste it to see if the rice is soft enough; there will be a little bite because the rice was fried earlier. If it's not done, give it another 15 min. and add a small amount of water.
  11. When the rice is done it might start sticking to the bottom of the pan/pot. Spoon it out and garnish with the chopped cilantro or parsley.
  12. *this recipe is a little rough and i will try to "perfect it later on, but it is essentially a "as you go recipe."
i learned this recipe years ago from a family member but hadn't made it in nearly 10 years. it's a little rough but the meal isn't an exact science. this is a pretty hearty meal on it's own but if you serve yourself a little less you can add a yummy protein to the dish. i'm fond of stir-fried shrimp marinated in lime juice and tequila!